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Barton Health Wellness Programs

Keeping you healthy is Barton Health’s number one priority.

Our wellness programs include an array of services including wellness screenings, support groups, free community wellness lectures, patient educational videos and libraries and much more. Our compassionate staff and highly qualified physicians are dedicated to keeping you healthy. 

  • Health Library - Find information on illnesses, conditions, drugs, medical tests, healthy recipes and more.

  • Lab Draws - Several times a month, Barton Health offers affordable Wellness Lab Draws with a physician referral.

  • Community Education:

    • Free Community Wellness Lecture Series - Free monthly wellness lectures addressing an array of health topics led by physicians and Barton Health experts.
    • Support Groups - Ongoing support groups for the Lake Tahoe community offered on a variety of topics.
    • Freedom From Smoking - Get the support you or your loved one needs to quit smoking.
    • Family Education - Prenatal education, a comprehensive third trimester childbirth education program and classes/ support groups for families with newborns to children age three.
    • WeCan Program - Twice-yearly, students from local elementary schools participate in We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition).
  • Occupational Health - Barton Health assists in the management of the health of your business by improving the health, safety and environment of people at work.