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Letter to Editor: Vote Yes on Proposition 52

This November, please vote YES on Proposition 52. Proposition 52, the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act, extends the current partnership between the state and California hospitals to help fund the health care needs of 13 million children, seniors, and low-income families in California.

In the last two years, the number of Med-Cal recipients in South Lake Tahoe has doubled. El Dorado County receives $20,136,379 in federal funding each year and without this money our working families would not be able to afford health care services.

Prop 52 is not a tax increase. It allows hospitals to pay an up-front fee that is matched by federal money to fund the health care needs of Medi-Cal patients. Prop 52 prevents lawmakers from moving the funds to other places and can only be used for the intended purpose: health care for children, seniors, and low-income families.

Since 2009, this funding partnership has existed and provided about $18 billion in federal funds. Without these additional funds, children, seniors, and low-income families would be at risk for losing access to critical medical services.

Barton Health is dedicated to providing and expanding health care services to all community members, regardless of their income. Prop 52 is supported across party lines and by more than 1,000 health care systems, taxpayer groups, businesses, and children’s advocate organizations from around the state. As the CEO and President of Barton Health in South Lake Tahoe, I encourage all California voters to vote YES at Prop 52.

Clint Purvance, MD
CEO & President, Barton Health