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Barton Hospital Seeks Community Input

South Lake Tahoe, CA – Barton Memorial Hospital is seeking community volunteers to serve on the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Formed this year, the council is comprised of patient and family advisors who want to improve Barton Hospital’s quality and safety of care.

“The council goals are to enhance the patient experience and improve the quality and safety of the care we provide,” explains Christine O’Farrell, Barton Health’s Director of Quality. “Our advisors gain insight into our medical processes and help us plan changes to improve how we take care of patients.”

Patient and family advisors provide a voice that represents patients and families of patients that receive care at Barton Hospital. They work closely with hospital doctors, nurses, and administrators to help improve the quality of care for all patients and family members.

Advisors must be past patients or family members of patients. Members attend monthly council meetings and serve on a patient experience-related committee.

“The council is about our hospital and our community,” says Karl Anedter, a council advisor. “It is an opportunity for our community to discuss concerns constructively and have our ideas be heard.”

Angie Keil also serves as a council advisor. When asked why she joined the council, she responded, “we are very fortunate to have a hospital of this size in our small community and we want to help ensure that it continues to thrive for the sake of current residents and future generations.”

Current community members include Karl Ayendter, Leigh Brewer, Angie Keil, and Richard Ruiz. They encourage community members to contact them with any questions or concerns.

All council advisors are pre-screened and must undergo a background check. Members must be 18 or older and cannot be related to a Barton Health employee. For more information about joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council, call Christine O’Farrell at 530-543-5537 or go to www.bartonhealth.org/patientfamilycouncil.