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31-Day Mental Health Awareness Challenge

Mental Health Awareness Month

Honor your mental health and help someone else in the process by participating in our 31-day challenge. Share your progress online with #eachmindmatters and let's reduce stigma together.

May 1 - Laugh, hang out with a funny friend or watch a comedy to reduce anxiety.
May 2 - Say hello and give a warm smile to someone at the grocery store.
May 3 - EVENT: SLT City proclaims Mental Health Awareness Month at meeting today, 9am at SLT Airport.
May 4 - FACT: Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. 41,000 deaths occur by suicide each year.
May 5- EVENT: Join in on the fun at the Cinco NO Drinko Party at El Dorado County Mental Health Wellness, 1-4pm.
May 6 - WEAR GREEN to show your support for Mental Health Awareness!
May 7 - EVENT: Annual NAMI walk in Sacramento from 9am-12pm.
May 8 - Sleep problems increase the risk of developing depression ... get your 8 hours!
May 9 - Pay it forward to a stranger.
May 10 - EVENT: Attend a free yoga class at 5:30pm at the middle school MPR hosted by Live Violence Free.
May 11 - FACT: Half of all mental health disorders show first signs by 14 and 3/4 begin by age 24.
May 11 - EVENT: Showing of Paper Tigers at South Tahoe High School followed by community forum.
May 12 - EVENT: Mental Health Panel at Lake Tahoe Community College 6pm. Learn signs and stages of depression.
May 13 -  WEAR GREEN to show your support for Mental Health Awareness!
May 14 - Leave your phone behind and enjoy the outdoors!
May 15 - Relax in a warm bath. Epsom salts boost magnesium and help reduce stress.
May 16 - Reach out and listen to a friend who needs to talk.
May 17 - Ask your co-worker or neighbor how their day is going.
May 18 - FACT: 7%, or 15.7 million adults, had a major depressive episode last year.
May 19 - Take 10 minutes out of work day to sit in the sun - the vitamin D helps too!
May 20 - WEAR GREEN to show your support for Mental Health Awareness!
May 20 - EVENT: Showing of Paper Tigers followed by community forum at Lake Tahoe Community College, 7-9pm.
May 21 - Go for a walk or hike today to increase energy levels, reduce depression & boost well-being.
May 22 - Feeling anxious? Channel your inner kid and try coloring for 20 minutes to help clear your mind.
May 23 - Be vulnerable and share something new about yourself on social media.
May 24 - Encourage your child to sit with someone new at lunch.
May 25 - FACT: People are 12 times more likely to feel happy on days that they spend 6-7 hours with friends and family.
May 26 - Mail a friends a 'just because' card.
May 27 - WEAR GREEN to show your support for Mental Health Awareness!
May 28 - It's Memorial Day Weekend! Get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
May 29 - Feeling stressed? Smile! Smiling helps to lower your heart rate and keep calm.
May 30 - Practice forgiveness - people who forgive have much better mental health.
May 31 - EVENT: Attend Mental Health First Aid, 8:30am-5:30pm at Barton University, 1113 Emerald Bay Rd, Room 101. Advance registration required.