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Substance Use Disorder

The medication for addiction treatment program offers treatment to members of the greater Lake Tahoe community experiencing addiction to opioids and other substances. We offer medication, counseling, and psychiatric services in support of recovery.

For patients suffering from opioid use disorder (e.g. addiction to heroin or opioid pills) medications such as Suboxone® (buprenorphine) or naltrexone may be prescribed to assist with recovery. Under the care of our physicians and clinicians, patients will be supported in their recovery regardless of where they are in the process. Whether this is your first or your fifth time seeking treatment, you are welcome here.

If you are interested in discussing treatment options, please call Barton Community Health Center at 530.543.5623 to schedule your first appointment.

Our Emergency Department and inpatient services also provide evaluation for and treatment of opioid use disorder for patients experiencing medical emergencies or requiring hospital admission. If you feel you are suffering from a medical emergency related to opioid use, the Barton Memorial Hospital Emergency Department is open 24 hours.

Through a grant, we also offer Narcan free of charge in the Emergency Department.

Partner Information

Barton is partnering with organizations within El Dorado County and California to provide patient-centered treatment services. Partners include:

“The program isn’t just a prescription, it gives patients the tools they need to successfully manage and potentially quit habit-forming opioids.” - Dr. Matthew Wonnacott, Barton Health Chief Medical Officer



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