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The Role of the Nutrition Services Department:

  • Our Nutrition Service staff will be taking care of your nutritional needs during your time with us. When you are ill, or injured, your body needs specific nutrients and/or a combination of nutrients to help you heal.

  • Our job, is to make sure that you are prescribed a nutritionally optimal diet to meet your specific nutrient needs for recovery. To achieve this goal, our Registered Dietitian (RD) will review your medical condition and adjust your diet, if needed, to make sure you receive proper nutrition during your stay.

  • We understand that when you are not feeling well, it can be difficult to eat your normal diet. To help you through this period, we can provide alternate meals and nutrition supplements. If you need alternate meals or supplements, just tell our Diet Aide or your nurse.
    Our Diet Aide makes daily rounds to take your meal selection on a hand-held computer and will be able to cater to your food preferences.

  • Our menus were designed by a Registered Dietitian and are nutritionally balanced. Our chefs take pride in preparing foods that are appetizing and tasty.

  • Many of our recipes come from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. Our menus are reviewed annually and menu items are adjusted, deleted, and added to, as a direct result from our patient's suggestions. So, please, when you are here, let us know your comments about the quality of our food.

Three of the most common types of prescribed diets:

  • Clear Liquid Diet- The clear liquid diet is often prescribed for a short period after surgery to give your GI tract a rest. The diet consists of clear juices, broth, popsicles, gelatin, and tea. Coffee may be allowed with your physicians approval.

  • Full Liquid Diet- The full liquid diet is prescribed after surgery as a transition from clear liquids to a regular diet. This diet includes all the foods on a clear liquid diet plus the addition of dairy products such as: milk, yogurt, pudding, and smooth cream soups.

  • Regular Diet- The regular diet, sometimes called the "house diet" consists of normal foods similar to home. Our "Regular" diet follows the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and is moderate in salt, sugar, and fat.

Three common types of therapeutic diets:

  • Cardiac Diet - The Cardiac diet, is sometimes called the Low fat, Low Cholesterol diet. The diet consists of foods which are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. Whole grains and abundant vegetables and fruit, lean meat, poultry, and fish are emphasized.
    Nonfat milk and low fat cheese are used in recipes. The cardiac diet is used for patients who have elevated cholesterol and may also have high blood pressure.

  • Diabetic Diet- The Diabetic diet, is low in sugar and fat. The diet is designed to keep blood glucose (sugar) levels under control. Many sugar free items are offered. The Diet Aide will modify your selections based on the calorie level prescribed for you.

  • Low Sodium Diet- The Low Sodium diet, is prescribed for people who have high blood pressure, pneumonia, kidney disease, or who retain water. A low sodium diet will help your body get rid of excess fluids and assist in improving your medical condition. Herbs are used in place of salt to season most foods. You may notice the real flavor in food as your taste buds become accommodated to less salt.