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From its beginnings a half-century ago, Barton Health’s commitment to the community has never wavered.

The people of this community envisioned a hospital and then built it with their time, energy, contributions, and commitment.

At times, the residents of Lake Tahoe literally put hammer to nail to create the first-ever health care facility in these splendid mountains. In doing so, they ensured a better future for themselves, their families, and future generations.

In 1960, when the Barton-Ledbetter family donated a tract of farmland to build a community hospital, they set the stage for everything that followed: 50 years of progress and pride, growth and change, occasional setbacks, and incredible advances.

Through it all, the mission of Barton Health has remained steadfast: to deliver exceptional health care to our neighbors and visitors with compassion and integrity.

As we celebrate this pivotal milestone—the first 50 years of health care service to the region—please join us in looking back at our rich history and looking ahead to a bright future.