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Reading to Kids Helps Their Development

Research shows that reading regularly to young children is central to their overall growth and development. Reading provides time for special attention between parent and child, encourages the child's later reading success, and fosters language and speech development.

The following are tips for reading to your children.

Pick what you both enjoy

Look for books you both love: Ask friends, teachers or librarians; look for award-winning books; check book reviews; or have your children pick out their own books.

Get your child involved

Point out objects in the pictures as you read; look for activity books that let the child participate; have your child help turn the pages.

Follow along

Follow the words with your finger so your child develops a sense that the words go from left to right.

Read slowly

Slowing down the pace will let your child keep up with the ideas presented in the story.

Key elements

Look for repetition or rhymes in the stories.