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Don't Let Asthma Triggers Dampen Spring Fever

The arrival of springtime and warm weather means that the time is ripe for asthma triggers, such as pollen or air pollution. But don't let these triggers dampen spring fever. You can still enjoy the season by managing your exposure:

  • Try to exercise indoors, if possible, or complete outdoor activities in the morning, when pollution levels tend to be lower.

  • Pay attention to pollen levels. These are often noted in your local weather report. Try to spend less time outdoors when levels are high.

  • Keep windows closed to keep pollen outside.

  • Follow the air quality index report for your area. You can find this information online at the EPA's AIRNow website.

  • Use your quick-relief medicine when you have a flare-up. Remember to always carry it with you.

  • Have a spring-cleaning of your home to help minimize year-round triggers, such as dust mites and mold.

Stay in close contact with your health care provider about flare-ups. Like many people with asthma, you may need to step up your treatment prior to spring and for the duration of the season.