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Bed-Wetting: Help Your Child Stay Dry at Night

Bed-wetting is a common event in young children. It is normal for a child up to age 6 to wet the bed once in a while. As children get older, they can control night urination better. That's because their bladders are larger and more developed.

Do not become angry if your child can't stay dry during the night. Never punish or tease your child for bed-wetting. It will only make things worse. Support and patience are the keys in helping your child.

Here's what you can do to help your child stay dry all night:

  • Encourage your child to use the bathroom during the night. For example, leave the bathroom light on. Set an alarm clock for yourself and wake your child once during the night.

  • Do not give your child too much to drink before bedtime. But don't keep drinks from a thirsty child, either.

  • Each time your child stays dry during the night, give a small prize.

  • Keep a calendar with a star (or favorite sticker) pasted on by the child every morning when he or she is dry.

Talk with your child's doctor if your child has daytime "accidents" or is still having wet nights after age 6.