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Pregnancy and Newborns   - Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy Complications


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    What Do You Know About Multiple Births? So you're having more than one! You're not alone. The number of multiple births has increased dramatically in recent years. 1. Which is an explanation for the ...

Fast Facts
If you smoke, quit smoking before you become pregnant. If your partner smokes, ask him to quit, too—or at the least, not smoke around you.


  • Medical Conditions and Pregnancy

    Medical Conditions and Pregnancy Medical conditions that may affect pregnancy Certain medical conditions may complicate a pregnancy. However, with proper medical care, most women can enjoy a healthy ...

  • Complications of Pregnancy

    Complications of Pregnancy What are some of the more common complications of pregnancy? Although the majority of pregnancies are uneventful, sometimes complications do occur. The following are some o...

  • Warning Signs During Pregnancy

    Warning Signs During Pregnancy What are some warning signs of potential pregnancy complications? Certain symptoms should be reported to your physician immediately, during any stage of the pregnancy. ...