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Kidney Problems


  • Kidney Care for People with Diabetes

    Kidney Care for People with Diabetes The delicate filtering network in your kidneys can be damaged over time by uncontrolled blood sugar, making it more difficult for your body to remove waste materi...

Kidney Problems


  • Diabetic Nephropathy (Kidney Disease)

    Diabetic Nephropathy (Kidney Disease) What is diabetic nephropathy? Nephropathy is the deterioration of the kidneys. The final stage of nephropathy is called kidney failure, end-stage renal disease, ...

  • Understanding Kidney Disease

    Understanding Kidney Disease Too often, diabetes leads to kidney disease. But it doesn't have to. When kidney problems are caught early, you can take steps to prevent more serious kidney disease. Tha...

  • The Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

    The Warning Signs of Kidney Disease Kidney disease is a stealth illness. It may often be silent for many years—until it has reached an advanced stage. When you get a checkup, it's important to make s...