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Barton Health's Financial Assistance Program 

We understand that unpaid medical bills can be burdensome and applying for assistance can be confusing. Our Eligibility Patient Advocacy Liaison Services help uninsured patients apply for and receive medical assistance from MediCal, Medicaid and other financial programs.

Barton Health’s Services

We will assign an Eligibility Patient Advocacy Liaison Services representative to assist you through the process - free of charge - to help get your medical bills paid in the following ways:

  • Complete applications
  • Gather and verify information
  • Work with the hospital
  • Provide transportation as needed
  • Keep all information confidential

Barton Health Offers Financial Assistance

Barton Health provides financial assistance to patients in need who do not qualify for other programs.* The amount of discount you receive toward the balance of your medical bill will depend on your adjusted income as compared with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines (subject to approval by the Financial Assistance Committee). Upon qualifying for discounted medical services, we will work out a payment plan based on your ability to pay - we simply ask that you honor our payment
plan agreement.

*All financial assistance is based on funds budgeted yearly by the hospital. There may be times during the year when funds will not be available which will limit the ability to approve applications.

    – Download the Financial Assistance Summary
    – Download the Financial Assistance Summary (Spanish/ Español)
    – Download the Financial Assistance Policy
    – Download the Financial Assistance Policy (Spanish/ Español)
    – Download the Financial Assistance Policy, Physicians Covered
    – Download the Financial Assistance Policy, Physicians "Not" Covered
    – Download the Financial Assistance Application
    – Download the Financial Assistance Application (Spanish/ Español)

More information from California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

For assistance with your Hospital or Physician Office account, please contact Barton Health Billing Customer Service at 530.543.5930.