• 530.541.3420 | 2170 South Avenue, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

Barton Health offers a wide range of medical services in the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley regions. In partnership with other local organizations, we're proud to support the health and wellness of our community.

Barton Services Directory

Admitting 530.543.5835
Barton Audiology 530.543.5815
Barton Auxiliary 530.543.5728
Barton Cardiology 530.543.5497
Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness 530.539.6600
Barton Community Health Center 530.543.5623
Barton Ear, Nose & Throat 530.543.5815
Barton Education (Community Classes) 530.543.5549
Barton Family Medicine 530.543.5660
Barton Health Foundation 530.543.5909
Barton Gastroenterology  530.543.5985 
Barton General Surgery 530.543.5691
Barton Home Health 530.543.5581
Barton Hospice 530.543.5581
Barton Medical Clinic at Kirkwood Mountain Resort 209.258.7236
Barton Medical Clinic at Sierra-at-Tahoe 530.659.7434
Barton Memorial Hospital 530.541.3420
Barton Neurology 530.539.6047
Barton Obstetrics & Gynecology 530.543.5711
Barton Occupational Health 775.589.8987
Barton Pediatrics 530.543.5550
Barton Performance 530.600.1976
Barton Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  530.543.5799
Barton Procedure Pricing 530.543.5835
Barton Primary Care at Fourth Street 530.543.5750
Barton Primary Care at Stateline 775.589.8960
Barton Psychiatry 530.600.1968
Barton Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine 530.539.6600
Barton Rheumatology 530.539.6620
Barton Sports & Physical Medicine 775.589.8915
Barton Urgent Care 775.589.8900
Barton Urology 530.543.5400
Billing (Hospital) 530.543.5930
Billing (Physician) 530.543.5930
Case Management & Social Services 530.543.5970
Echocardiogram (Echo) 530.543.5850
Electroencephalogram (EEG) 530.543.5850
Emergency Department 530.541.3420
Family Birthing Center (Obstetrics/ Perinatal) 530.543.5547
Health Information Management (Medical Records) 530.543.5900
Human Resources 530.543.5564
Infusion Center 530.543.5876
Lake Tahoe Surgery Center 775.588.9188
Laboratory (Inside Barton Memorial Hospital) 530.543.5850
Medi-Cal Screening 530.543.5908
Medical Imaging (Including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray) 530.543.5850
Medical Imaging (Mammography) 530.543.5850
Nursing Unit (ICU) 530.543.5860
Nursing Unit (Medical/Surgical) 530.543.5870
Nursing Unit (Orthopedics) 530.543.5865
Nutrition Services 530.543.5825
Public Relations 530.543.5615
Rehabilitation Services (Including Physical, Occupational, Hand & Speech Therapy) 530.539.6600
Respiratory Care Services 530.543.5884
Skilled Nursing Facility 530.543.5885
Surgery - PreOp (Inside Barton Memorial Hospital) 530.543.5880

For departments/facilities not listed, call 530.541.3420.

Llame al 530.539.6135 para recibir ayuda en español.
Pídale a la operadora que le comunique a la persona con la que desea hablar y el o la intérprete le ayudará interpretando todo lo que usted diga por teléfono.

Please call 530.539.6135 to receive assistance in Spanish.
An interpreter will help you via telephone; simply tell the operator with whom you wish to speak and the interpreter will take care of the interpretation for you.