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South Lake Tahoe Health Gaps Identified

Barton Health’s commitment to our community's health is an integral part of our mission. Each year we are proud to invest in community health programs and partner with other local organizations to identify and address the unmet needs of a medically underserved population in South Lake Tahoe.

Barton Health collected public health data in spring of 2015 to help identify the major health gaps throughout South Lake Tahoe. The information was gathered through phone surveys and online surveys. With the participation of 400 area residents, the statistics will be used to help Barton Health identify areas of opportunity and improvement for our local population, as well as foster partnerships and health grants to help meet the outstanding medical needs of our community. This survey is conducted every three-years, the previous being in the spring of 2012.

The 2015 results are in:

2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Summary

2015-2018 Community Health Needs Action Plan

Past 2012 results:

2012 Community Health Needs Assessment

2012 Community Health Needs Action Plan

The Community Health Needs Assessment is a comprehensive report that highlights South Lake Tahoe’s most pressing health needs. It is based on data collected from community surveys, input from local service agencies, and national data. The top three issues identified in both the 2012 and 2015 Assessment were mental health, substance abuse, and access to care.

With the results gathered from the Community Health Needs Assessment, the Community Health Advisory Committee will now prepare an action plan for the next three years to address the area’s most pressing health needs. The plan emphasizes community collaboration and relies on the diverse services and strengths within the community. Community partnerships are critical for achieving community-based solutions.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse - We are seeing progress with mental health issues and substance abuse, but it can take time to see results. A variety of mental health and substance abuse services are available and have increased on the South Shore. It can be a challenge to coordinate an individual’s care between agencies, particularly when services needed are in two separate counties or states. Barton Health worked with mental health agencies to create a process for Legal 2000, the ability to transfer mental health patients across state lines, which allows patients in need of in-patient psychiatric care better and expedited access to care. 
Community Health Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - September 18, 2015

Access To Care - Significant progress has been made. Though the top three issues are the same in both the 2012 and 2015 Community Health Needs Assessments, but the reasons vary, particularly with access to care. With the launch of the Affordable Care Act, Barton donated more than 700 hours to help enroll uninsured families in a health care plan. As a result, between 2012 and 2015, the uninsured population in South Lake Tahoe lowered by almost 44% from 26.2% to 14.7%. Now that more residents are insured and annual check-ups are covered, we are seeing a greater demand for services and primary care providers.

News Release: Barton Health Taking on the Community’s Well Being

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