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Barton Health Community Benefit Report

Barton Health, Barton Memorial Hospital and our affiliated physician offices are continuously striving to provide high quality medical services to our patients in the Lake Tahoe region. In addition to the quality care we provide, Barton Health embarks on numerous community wellness programs every year, in addition to providing funding to local organizations and programs through Barton Foundation health grants and Barton Auxiliary scholarships.

Our Community Benefit Report details the programs and support services Barton funds to build a healthy community in South Lake Tahoe. Focused on access to care, the report has topics such as patient-centered care, technology, supporting our youth, future goals, financial support, and community wellness.


Message To Our Community

Though last year contained many challenges, it also served as a unifier—a time we came together to care for and protect community health. As a healthcare organization, the COVID-19 pandemic response reflected a culmination of our training—of what we continuously prepare for. It was an honor to provide care and support in our region, from COVID-19 prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination to helping address community food insecurity through Barton Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Our biggest asset throughout the pandemic has been the ability to adapt and meet evolving variables from initial efforts to contain the virus to preparations for potential patient surges and the development of safe patient care pathways inside Barton Memorial Hospital and throughout our outpatient Barton Health medical offices.

As the pandemic emerged, health systems across the country rapidly prepared systems, staffing and supplies to meet patient needs safely. Within days of opening our hospital incident command system, Barton established a COVID-19 Health Line (530.600.1999) as a resource for our community to receive information about COVID-19 symptoms, testing and treatment options. Alternative care and testing sites were launched, ensuring patients and healthcare providers’ safety, while also keeping the Emergency Department open for emergent care needs. In-office medical care was shifted to virtual visits whenever appropriate, helping to reduce the risk presented from shared reception areas and patient congregation.

Within the hospital, where patients needed critical care, we transformed 68 patient rooms into negative pressure environments, lowering the risk of airborne spread. A new partnership with Eagle Telemedicine was developed to assist the treatment of patients admitted to our Intensive Care Unit related to their COVID-19 diagnosis, reducing the need to transfer critically ill patients.

As of spring 2021, Barton has vaccinated more than 5,000 people including Barton employees and community members, spent over $4 million on facility updates, supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and continues to develop COVID-19-related programs including rehabilitation services for patients experiencing lasting effects from their COVID-19 illness. Many of the programs quickly adopted in the height of the pandemic have improved patient care and provider access, and we look forward to continuing these successful processes like virtual visits and specialized telemedicine partnerships moving forward.

While I reflect on the many lessons learned, losses grieved and lives affected during 2020, I will also remember the way our community pulled together to support one another at a time we all needed it. Throughout 2021, Barton, along with its community partners, looks forward to developing short- and long-term plans to address the unmet needs identified in the recent Community Health Needs Assessment and reach our goal of a happier and healthier community

Clint Purvance, MD
President & CEO, Barton Health

The full report can be viewed here.

For more information on the Community Benefit Report, please contact Natasha Schue in the Barton Public Relations office at 530.543.5537.