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You Only Get One Body

June is Men's Health Month and taking care of your body throughout your life is more than just hitting the gym. Preventative health screenings from your physician can catch abnormalities before they take a toll on your body. Men, follow these basic guidelines to get the most out of your body for longer.

Throughout life

  • Exercise 30 minutes at least five days a week
  • Use sunscreen
  • Watch your fat intake - no more than 30% of your caloric intake
  • Eat a diet rich in whole foods
  • Be aware of your alcohol intake and limit it to two drinks per day or less
  • Perform a testicular self-examination
  • Perform an oral cavity self-examination - check your gums, teeth, lips and tongue for inflammation or noticeable differences
  • Perform a full body examination - look for new moles or other skin conditions
  • Have regular physical examinations by your physician

 Blood Pressure 18 and older
 Blood Sugar 18 and older
 Body Mass Index (BMI) 18 and older
 Cholesterol 20 and older 
 Colon Cancer (Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Stool Test) 50-75 years old 
 Depression 18 and older
 Tobacco and Alcohol Use Counseling 18 and older

Discuss your (and your family's) medical history with your physician to customize screenings necessary for your continued health and well-being.