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Get Some Vitamin D with Your Workout

Warm weather is beckoning you to take your workouts outside. But, keep in mind that exercising outdoors is different from breaking a sweat in the gym. Take the following precautions  when moving your workout to the outdoors and soaking in the fresh air.


After running or walking on a treadmill all winter, going up and down hills, across uneven surfaces and on hard pavement can be harder on your joints and muscles. Take it slow. Give yourself a transition period of a few weeks to avoid any injuries.


After spending the winter spinning your wheels in spin class, transition to the outdoors by planning a shorter route and choosing level pavement. To avoid head injuries, always ride with a snug, but comfortable, bike helmet and obey the rules of the road.


Exercising in water provides the same aerobic benefits as land-based workouts, but with less wear and tear on your body. So go to the lake for some exercise and make sure to follow safety protocol - never go alone, stay close to shore, have a flotation device available, and wear sunscreen.


To enjoy your warm weather workouts even more, don't forget to apply (and re-apply as needed) sunscreen. Also, pack your water bottle and, if needed, allergy medicine.

Be prepared for your favorite outdoor exercise by engaging in the best stretches and strengthening exercises. Talk to a sports performance professional to learn more.