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February is National Heart Health Month

As we move through the month of February and are surrounded by signs of love, remember the importance of self-love. Loving yourself through therapeutic methods of wellness presents opportunities to take care of and be proactive with your health.

There are many options for you to keep your heart happy and healthy, including massage therapy, yoga and meditation.

Massage: Massage is an excellent way to promote self-awareness, which allows for the release of tension and guarding patterns. Developing a consistent massage program creates space to let go of day-to-day stresses and chronic, built-up tension.

Yoga: Commit to a yoga class. Yoga provides an opportunity for the physical body to release tension and stress, so our mental and spiritual selves can begin to dissolve emotional blocks.

Meditation: Develop a meditation practice. Meditation improves self-awareness, increases self-confidence and builds self-trust.