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Golfer takes putts on a Lake Tahoe golf course.

Enjoying a Season of Greens

Preparing for golf season requires you to train well, eat well and restore well.

The interaction of body, club, ball and environment makes golf one of the world’s most intriguing sports to master. At Barton Performance inside the Center for Orthopedics & Wellness, our training programs show that a well-rounded general athletic program produces better golfers who can hit farther and play and practice longer with a reduced injury risk.

Train Well: 

Injury Risk Reduction
Whatever level of golf you play, workload management is one of the main reason for injuries. Plan your reintroduction to the driving range and progress the number of balls you hit. Don’t go for the driver in week one; practice your short game with putting and introduce longer drives week two to four. Work through your clubs to add variety to the power and length, focusing on direction rather than distance.

Physical Preparation
Before you go to the range or course, warm up. Barton Performance's ARMA body management program can help guide your warm-up to best prepare your body: Create Awareness of you daily movement, Release and Mobilize tight areas, and anchor these through Activation drills to the golf swing.

Eat Well:

Be healthy, Have Energy and Keep Muscle
Eating a healthy diet is a key factor in golf performance and recovery, weight management, and a lower risk for many diseases. As we age, if we are not following an adequate training plan, we can lose muscle mass faster. Aim for a diet with ample vegetables, fruits, and a variety of protien sources throughout the day.

Restore Well: 

The Neglected Element
What do you do the day after practice or a game? The great thing about establishing an ARMA routine is that is doubles up as your recovery program. In addition, if you can spin on a bike for 20 minutes and do some stretching, you will be set up for a better game on subsequent days.

Remember, the clubs only do what your body tells them, so prepare well and enjoy the season.

Nick Ward is the Sports Performance Director at Barton Performance by ALTIS and formerly the National Lead Physical Specialist for England Golf. To learn more about services to help your golf game or any favorite summer activity, visit bartonperformance.com or call 530.600.1976.