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Running at sunrise.

Benefits of Morning Exercise

Any time is a great time to exercise though research shows a morning routine has its perks. Reasons to work out first thing:

  1. Sleep better. Exercise—especially in the morning—can help regulate your body's internal sleep/wake cycle. A morning walk in the sunlight or bright indoor lighting signals your brain to start the day. The National Sleep Foundation reports people who exercise in the morning tend to sleep longer and experience deeper sleep cycles.
  2. Get stronger, faster. The American College of Sports Medicine reports testosterone, the primary hormone used to build muscle, is highest in the morning.
  3. Be extra heart-healthy. Walking or jogging helps lower blood pressure, reducing your risk for heart attack and stroke. Exercising in the morning reduces systolic blood pressure (the top blood pressure number) more than exercising any other time of day, according to one study.
  4. Avoid competing with a busy schedule. When you exercise first thing, you don't have to worry about fitting a workout into the rest of the day. 

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