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Back To School In Lake Tahoe

Wellness check-ups are an important part of your child's development and Barton Health is dedicated to providing your family with the highest level of care.

Here are some tips and advice from medical professionals to help your family kick off a healthy, happy new school year.

Helpful Articles

Preschool Primer
Your little ones can learn a lot about safety if you take some time to teach them. Keep your lessons simple, say the experts, and even very young children can learn how to stay clear of danger. Here's an ABC rule that you and your children can recite together.

Make Going Back To School A Breeze, Dr. Tracy Protell
Most kids and parents have a mixture of excitement and nervousness about starting a new school year. This is normal. However, parents can help ease the transition from summer vacation to the school routine. Here are some tips to prepare you and your student for the upcoming academic year. 

Should Your Child Take A Sick Day?, Michelle Feeney, MSN, FNP
Knowing when to send your student to school or daycare and when to keep him or her home can be a tough judgement call — especially in the rush of a weekday morning.

Asthma: Dealing With Your Child's School
If your child has asthma, you probably worry about how he or she copes with asthma at school. Having this disease can have a big impact on your child’s grades and learning—in fact, asthma is one of the chief causes of school absences. Research shows that informed, supportive teachers and staff can play a big role in helping students manage their asthma.

Don't Let Backpacks Lead To Back Injury
Backpacks are convenient for students, but they can pose a threat to kids' backs, necks and shoulders if used improperly, an expert says.

Kid's Sports Overuse
An increasing number of boys and girls are playing recreational and organized sports. As a result, there is a rise in the number of overuse injuries seen among children and adolescents. The majority of sports and overuse injuries are due to minor trauma involving soft tissue injuries--injuries that affect the bone, muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons.

Talking To Your Teen About Stress, Dr. Sonia Rupp
Any parent will tell you raising teenagers is a stressful time! Are you in that stage? Talk to your teenager about it. Your stress may be similar stress for your teen.  

Anti-bullying Conversation Starter App
As you prepare to send your children back to school, keeping them healthy and safe is always a top priority. Make sure to talk to your child about bullying. Bullying is a form of youth violence and can result in physical injury, social and emotional difficulties, and academic problems. Parents, students, educators, and community members can all take action to prevent bullying in and out of school. Download this app from SAMSHA to get the conversation started.

Vaccine Information

Vaccines: Are You Informed?, Michelle Feeney, MSN, FNP
As a parent, we want our children to be safe. Certain safety measures are designed to help keep children safe, like child safety seats, seat belts, and toddler gates. However, some parents may overlook one critical component to keep children healthy and safe: vaccinations. Current vaccinations are the most effective and safest they have been in history and have saved millions of lives from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Measles: Resurgence of a Preventable Disease, Dr. Jennifer Ehmann
Recently, measles made headlines after an outbreak linked to exposure at Disneyland in mid-December. More than 140 cases, mostly in California, have been confirmed. 

California Department Of Health Vaccination Information:
Shots For Schools

Information about immunizations, Tdap requirement, PBEs and more.

Nevada Department Of Health Vaccination Information:
Immunize Nevada

Information about immunization locations, records and more.

Flu Shot
Learn more from the CDC about this year's flu vaccine.